macOS: DNS Proxy Failure

Following error is occurred when connecting Zero Trust by WARP (when setting “Service mode” to “Gateway with WARP” on admin console).

Status: Unable to Connect
Error reason: DNS Proxy Failure
Error description: The WARP Agent must be the only process responsible for DNS resolution on the device. One or more processes are already bound to port 53: mDNSResponder.
Learn more: Client errors · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Killing mDNSResponder doesn’t work because this daemon is respawned like zombie.

Meanwhile, I don’t need to use DNS proxy by setting fixed IP address for my machine on home router console.

Hi there,

As the error indicates, you have mDNSResponder running on port 53. Please disable or uninstall it and try again.
… or use WARP without DNS filtering:

If you need/want DNS filtering, then how do disable or uninstall mDNSResponder it will probably be a question better suited for Apple support community, but looking around I found this:

I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the steps pointed in the resolution, so use your better judgement and follow at your own risk.

Take care.

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