MacOS + Cloudflare WARP vulnerability?

Hello, I’m a CF Registrar Customer and also Cloudflare WARP DNS resolver for all my iOS and Mac devices… Via a Little Snitch licensed software configuration on my machine, several incoming connection MacOS alert notifications came in listed as ‘AssetCacheLocatorService wants to connect to warp-svc on UDP port 53 (dns)’… I have Denied the connection… unless Cloudflare WARP would advise to Allow it? [context, I have been battling persistent malware for past 6 months]

Here’s some more info:
IP Address
Reverse DNS Name: warp-svc
Established by: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AssetCacheServices.framework/Versions/A/XPCServices/AssetCacheLocatorService.xpc/Contents/MacOS/AssetCacheLocatorService
Process ID 10446
Code Signature Signed by Apple, Inc.
User _assetcache (UID: 235)

That’s an Apple service. What it does and how it works is a question for them. Port 53 is used for DNS queries and Warp provides DNS services. No indication of a vulnerability in what you have posted. You could ask the vendor of your tool for additional detail.

Yes, thanks @cscharff. Though, that Apple service or whatever exactly it was or is… wants to connect to warp-svc (installed and configured CF WARP) services… hence me posting it here!