Mac Mail IMAP and SMTP


I have scanned over the forums many times but nothing seems to resolve my issue.

I have a server which I have installed cpanel on and using cloudflare to manage my domain. My emails just will not work, they are constantly going offline with errors on my mac with errors saying could not connect to this IMPA server. Can somebody let me know what it is I am doing wrong with my settings?

I have checked my username and password a thousand times and it is correct. I can also log into webmail which I need for now as my mac mail will not work.

They were working for the past few months now all of a sudden they will not work and I have tried setting them up on other laptops and still won’t work.

Since your ‘mail’ hostname is set to :grey:, you’re going directly to the mail server, so it looks like the problem is there. Without knowing the actual domain, we can’t test, so I suggest you contact your host.


Hi it’s

According to this test, the server does not support TLS:

As you’re pointing directly to the server at that IP address, you’ll have to resolve this with your host.

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