Mac create cloudflared tunnel successed but url access denied!

Hey guys, does anyone met this situation before, I’ve created new tunnel with my localhost through 8888 port, it shows succeed, but I realized on public hostname it shows Catch-all rule: http_status:404,
go check my url it was empty and denied resourse, then i checked my tunnel status and url connection, it happens below:

I tried other way to detect my tunnel list and route ip as Doc says, shows folowing:

2022-11-29T17:36:19Z INF Cannot determine default origin certificate path. No file cert.pem in [~/.cloudflared ~/.cloudflare-warp ~/cloudflare-warp /etc/cloudflared /usr/local/etc/cloudflared] originCertPath=

2022-11-29T17:36:19Z **ERR** You need to specify the origin certificate path with --origincert option, or set TUNNEL_ORIGIN_CERT environment variable. See for more information. originCertPath=

Error locating origin cert: client didn't specify origincert path when running from terminal

Has anyone know this or met this before, pls contact me, I’m new to this tool, don’t know much abt this, if there’s better way to solve this up, I’ll be appreciate…