Lowstorage: A Zero-Dependency Pseudo-Database for Cloudflare Workers using R2 buckets

Hello Cloudflare devs!

here is one of my latest project, ‘lowstorage’ – a simple, zero-dependency object pseudo-database designed specifically for Cloudflare Workers, leveraging the power of R2 buckets. I use it mainly for my hobby/low traffic projects.

Key Features:

  • Simplicity at its Core: Designed to be straightforward and easy to implement, ‘lowstorage’ makes data handling a breeze.
  • Zero Dependencies: This ensures enhanced performance and security, making it a reliable choice for serverless applications.
  • Seamless Cloudflare Integration: It’s built to naturally fit within the Cloudflare ecosystem, particularly benefiting those using Cloudflare Workers.

Explore and Contribute: I invite you to explore the project and welcome any contributions or feedback.

Looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions!