Lowest HTML edge caching TTL for Cloudflare APO?

What is the lowest HTML edge caching TTL I can use for Cloudflare APO, without losing performance benefits?

I guess this is based on your current domain plan?

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Yeah optimal performance would be limited by plan and frequency of visits to your site’s pages. Free min 2hrs, Pro min 1hr, Biz min 30min and Enterprise min 1sec

In perfect scenario, APO’s default 30day cache TTL is sufficient as updated assets should be automatically purged and recached on next visit


Thanks for the response. I have a couple of questions.

  • How long does it take for APO to regenerate edge cache? Is it instant? This will help me decide how long I would want to keep the edge cache TTL.
  • Is there a tutorial here to safely execute this for my entire site?

As @eva2000 already said, a long TTL is best because any update should purge the relevant cache(s).

APO doesn’t regenerate caches, it just tells Cloudflare to cache that page. Like all other resources, a fresh visit will be a MISS, but subsequent requests through the same data center for that resource will be a HIT.

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