Lower TTL of NS record

I’d like to lower the TTL of the NS record on one of my domains. I don’t see an NS record in the DNS app for the domain.

Would the correct approach for this be:

  1. Create an NS record targeting my assigned Cloudflare nameservers
  2. Update the TTL of that NS record?

Thanks in advance.

No, you shouldn’t interfere with Cloudflare’s NS records. The NS record type, which is there, it’s useful to delegate subdomains to third parties.

What is the potential downside of creating my own NS record and pointing it to Cloudflare’s nameservers? This seems like the only way to update the TTL of the NS records.

Where would you do that?

Its possible in the DNS app -> Add record -> Choose NS type

That only applies to subdomains. Which is how NS records work. You’d need to go up a level to set the NS for your domain, which is where your TTL is set. But that’s not part of your account and can’t be changed.

The downside there would be that the domain wouldn’t work.

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