Low traffic

Why does my online gaming site have such low traffic?

You told me to do SEO, correct errors, fast site, high keyword competitiveness, how much this term is searched for. But it’s none of this!

I created a second site and in total for 3 years I had the same problem: I can’t get acceptable traffic because the keywords are often positioned outside the top 100.

I definitely have a serious problem that prevents Google, Bing, Yandex search engines from performing timely crawls. I have received miles of 301 and 410 redirects to pages I no longer use.

It appears there are conflicts of some kind or pieces of code that are preventing the crawlers from scanning. Or crawlers run out of crawling time, for example by giving timeups. So they don’t update the data.

Indeed, for example, I cannot validate errors on the Search Console.

In both sites I made the migration but in two different hostings. Hence the endless problems…

Could you help me find out what’s wrong with my site?

Afraid this is a question for an SEO forum, not Cloudflare.

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I ask if there are any problems with Cloudflare after the migration. Or other types of errors/conflicts with you.

Why do you think there are issues?

I’ve read that WAF can cause problems when migrating. By completely eliminating Wordfence, impressions improved 20x. Still small numbers, but for me a great satisfaction. but the number is stable and I think Cloudflare is also somehow the cause.

For example, Webmaster Tools (Google, Bing, Yandex) seem to see the old page cache and not update the data.

By default it won’t but if you configured any firewall rules, it could. Does the log say anything?

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