Low page speed insights score after the new update

Hey, in the recent update core web vitals were brought into browser insights which is a very convenient and helpful feature to have.

However I observed that when I tested the url in page speed insights directly, the score has dropped drastically for my website.

Mobile (65)
Desktop (95)

Mobile (37)
Desktop (80)

The only difference I see is that Cloudflare’s rocket loader is now blocking the render a solid 1-2 seconds before loading the page. Was there any update for rocket loader as well?

Disabling bot fight mode and javascript detections brought up my scores but isn’t it supposed to be compatible with rocket loader?

Hi there!

Sorry to hear about the increase in latency you are seeing.

It does sound interesting to me that these scripts are blocked by Rocket Loader – I may need to check with our team about the expected behavior here.

I wanted to inquire with you if after testing disabling these scripts you attempted to purge your CF cache? Specifically, with a “Purge Everything” (if you can safely do so)?

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maybe related to this bug 🔥 CloudFlare Rocket Loader Disables It's Self On Page Speed Insights🔥

not sure if CF has fixed Rocket Loader on their end for this? @simon

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I want to add that while Rocket Loader’s JS will be flagged by page speed insights now (like it was always in lighthouse) the rocket loader is only going to be as slow as the site’s on-page JS. Since effectively all it does is rewrite all your script to execute in an asynchronous fashion. So if your JavaScript on the site (or third-party JS) executes slowly that’s going to drive up the mainthread time.

The above image is an example of my own website where it doesn’t even get flagged and the suggestion is shown as passed


@Peter-CF yes, the scores mentioned above are the average of testing on page speed insights with both bot fight mode and javascript detections ON & OFF.

Before performing any test (when both were ON), I did purge the entire cache and ran the test 5 times.

After turning OFF the bot fight modes, I purged the cache again and ran the test 5 times.

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Hi there,

Thank you very much for your reply and apologies for the delay – I have received a note from our team that it looks like this issue may now be fixed.

see for more details: https://github.com/GoogleChrome/lighthouse/issues/10947

Any chance I could have you try this once more and see if this is still an issue for you?


Awesome, I’ll try it and let you know.

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I think we should look at integration between Rocket Loader and Bot Fight Mode, other than that there are no recent changes in Rocket Loader.

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Yes we did the change, now Rocket Loader rusn on Page Speed Insights.

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thanks @yevgen for the confirmation :smiley:

hey, thanks to helping us. The Rocket Loader work very fast.

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