Low for cache hit percent of My website

Help me…
low for cache hit percent of My website.
Max percent is 50%.
storage is S3 of Amazon AWS.
please How to up cache hit percentage.
about file is jpeg.

45% for status is miss.
this is Abnormal.

main domain is https://test.com.

domain of image file is https://img.test.com(aws s3).

Second domain is redirecting to the first. Do you have the URL for the specific image file?

thank you for answer!
but,that URL is anime adult images.

TBH, I don’t know if there’s any restriction on adult-content links in the community, but to play safe please place the link as code, using the </> icon when writing your post.

Alternatively, you may prefer to just visit the URL with Developer Tools open on the network tab (F12 on Chrome), and make a screenshot of the headers.

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