hi team, Website keeps on disconnecting from Cloudflare can you please fix this issue.

What error message are you seeing?

Webpage loading some time and sometime not reaching.Please suggest

We have enable CDN on this website.

It redirected me to the page pictured below. Can you please post a picture of what it looks like when it doesn’t work?

“This site can’t be reached” getting error

You still haven’t posted a picture, but it sounds like a DNS problem at your end. What DNS servers (IP addresses) are you using on your device?

Hi Dayman,
We are using local IP address for server DNS. If you suggest any DNS IP address kindly share and suggest me. Thanks ,

Of course I’d recommend (Cloudflare) or (Quad9). I’d usually go with a combination, such as (or reversed).

Hi Dayman,

Sure, we will do the same.
Thanks for your support.

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Hi Dayman,

Please enable attachment in cloudfare.

Please do the needful.

Navigation amongst different options in GlobalOne is relatively faster.

  • Latency in selecting the option “Upload a File to Send SMS” approx. 5-30 seconds (average – Please try to bring it near to 1 second)

  • Time taken to load VL reports on screen – 5 mins+ / Plus page going unresponsive :

  • Time taken to download VL Logs – 10 mins+

  • Time taken to download Logs – 7 mins

Any update please

Waiting for your response.

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