Lottie & Cloudflare SSL Issue

Hello Cloudflare. I just installed cloudflare on my website rayanchoudhury.ml for the ssl. I have many lottie animation on my site and whenever i activate the ssl, all the lottie animations just disappear. Please help me out. Let me know what to do

Thanks In Advance

If you are saying you do not have a certificate on your server you should immediately disable Cloudflare and first fix your server issue and make sure you have a valid certificate there.

I took the SSL certificate from cloudflare. Can you please explain what I can do next

Next is pausing Cloudflare and making sure you have a certificate on your server and HTTPS works fine without Cloudflare.

Thanks alot.

Well I’m not getting Error 525: SSL handshake failed or Error 526: Invalid SSL certificate but yes, images don’t load for me. Try caching the content maybe?

Yes i was able to fix the problem. It was because the images were not loading over https but http. I fixed that and it worked. Thanks everyone for your tips, It was helpful to me

Did you fix the certificate?

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