Lots of Visitors from China

Hello all, I have had problems with server performance the past 3 days, and its appears my Cloudflare country states is showing a vast majority of my visitors are coming from China, is there a way to completely block the country of China ?
Thanks all

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There sure is! Go to the Firewall page and create a Firewall Rule: Country Equals China (CN), then choose the Action to Block.

Blimey that was an easy fix! thanks for the reply much appreciated.

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Hello I thought it was an easy fix but having just checked my admin panel at Cloudflare its showing I had even more visitors from china at 543,494 ?
Not sure if I have done something wrong but it seems a relatively simple process to add and block china ? the block does not seem to work ?
Thanks for any help

you can also try to go to firewall -> Access Rules -> enter “china” choose “challenge” -> this website and click add

I think the Analytics page will continue to show all connections, whether or not they succeed. At least that’s how it seems to be showing for me.

On your Firewall page, scroll down to the Firewall Events section. You should see a lot of blocked China connections.

That technically wont block connections from China - and only recently I had an apparent Chinese bot which managed to pass a captcha challenge - but overall I’d agree it might be better than to block an entire country altogether (unless of course you have a lot of aggressive bots who do manage to get past the challenge).

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I’ve found Cloudflare’s blocking to be quite effective but as sandro has pointed out, it only challenges them, which will block most bots but not all. So I’ve additionally duplicated Cloudflare country blocking ips on my server. You can add the blocks via .htaccess but for better performance use your firewall or httpd.conf.

Thanks for all the replies, I have checked the blocked connections as sdayman explained and Cloudflare does seem to be doing its job! I have also added the additional recommendation by boynet2 for adding the challenge also.
Thanks again for the replies very much appreciated.

That is redundant then. You should have only one or the other. With that configuration I would not even expect the block to work, but Cloudflare’s explanation is still a bit unclear on this.

Which web site are we talking about?

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