Lots of outbound connections going to 2 cloudflare IPs


I noticed a lot of outbound connections on my server, going in bursts, sometimes more than 20 per seconds.

They point towards Cloudflare IP addresses and

Did anyone already noticed something similar? Any idea of where this can come from?


Connections or data packets? If it is the latter I’d say it simply is responses to the proxies. If it is actual connections you need check what you are running on your machine, possibly Argo or Railgun or something of that sort.

Hi Sandro,

Thank you for your quick answer,

I believe it’s connections, as I don’t have a dedicated server the logs are pretty basic. They are marked as outbound connections and it also correlate with an increase of TCP connections on my mysql database.
I don’t have Argo nor Railgun enabled.

Would it be possible that it’s a wordpress plugin trying to connect to a Cloudflare hosted website?

That certainly is a possibility. Could be even your own site.

Ok, thanks a lot!

I will try to investigate further, as it’s really not normal it’s doing crazy connections bursts like this.

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