Lots of DNS records while adding site

As a follow-up on Adding site following wildcard

Cherryjimbo said:
This is a pretty common occurrence when you have a wildcard DNS entry. Cloudflare discovers subdomains by scanning for a bunch of records, and if there’s a wildcard record on the domain, it’ll see these as present. For more info: Cloudflare adds 200 random records when adding a domain - #9 by CascadingStyle

As for bulk-removing them, the best way is via the API. There are some community created tools to make this process easier though, such as GitHub - Cyb3r-Jak3/cloudflare-utils: Helpful Cloudflare utility program.

I have absolutely no idea how to run the Cloudflare-utils.
The wildcard is long gone, i moved the domain to another hoster and manually created the DNS records.
Still Cloudflare puts around 200 records in when trying to add the site and i am unable to bulk remove them.
I am also unable to contact Cloudflare support. What should i do?

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