Lots of 404 Errors

Over the last couple of days our Google Webmaster account is tons of 404 errors (over a 1000 per day). I never encounter these before only and has to be related to running Cloudflare.

The strings all different combinations but pretty much look like the following string.

Anyone else get these and know what they are?

Hello @JustFred,

Those requests don’t seem to be legit, I assume that your webserver is responding with that 404.

The question is: what is the repartition of that traffic? All coming from a single set of IP? What kind of method was used, which User-Agent?

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Those are all Google URL Errors under the webmaster dashboard. As seen below. There is no linked for either. Google is getting these from somewhere and my system does not have them or generates them. My site has been running for 8 years and I have never seen these before until now and Cloudflare is the only change I have made to my system in the last 2 years. I just like to know if this something on their end or not.

Got it figured out; it was the Rocket Loader. The scripting worked on our system; Google did not like it at all on one page that has a lot of JavaScript to run a mapping system.

I have created a page rule for this page only and we will see if that cleans this up.

can anybody help me please i got this strange 404 errors to URLs that didn’t exist and a lot of it from google boot!!! and that’s a big problem for seo and indexing for my website that look like google not indexed any of my new posts :cold_sweat:
@stephane @JustFred

The 404 for / sure seems odd. What shows up in the Details link?

@sdayman thanks for your reply but no anything be appeard when clicking on details.

Sorry but i have a second problem my posts in categories not in pages i think this may be problem for seo the best that posts be in pages like Fastest Web Hosting Services | Buy High Quality Hosting not Fastest Web Hosting Services | Buy High Quality Hosting
Do you agree with me and can you please tell me how to solve this because i tried before and i coudln’t :cold_sweat: .

2-google has indexed a lot of my tags and i removed this option from yaost seo plugin
but sure they still appearing in search results please try this for easily understanding my site problems
“site:otopics.com” you will find a lot of problems.

3-in search there strange things like additionals things being added to my url for example
https://www.otopics.com/mohamed-salah-beat-messi-ronaldo this is the right URL

but in search i found that!!!

and last question i know that’s too long and i’m fell sorry for that
I added 4 path http,https with www and without “www”
and the yourwebsitename.com without “www” is the most indexed do this normal?
Thank you a lot and hope you help me @sdayman

Do you still there? @sdayman

I was at work, and don’t have access to this forum during the day…

At lot of this doesn’t sound like it’s related to Cloudflare, in which case, you should start checking out other user communities. Usually web hosts have their forums which are a better source of help for standard website issues.

As for www or non-www, I go without the www. It probably a personal preference, but I think it’s easier to type in and less cluttered.