Lost website access minutes after switching to Cloudflare

I’ve switched to Cloudflare a few hours ago, in order to get SSL and better security overall (I’m a Pro client). I’ve been instructed to change the name servers with my hosting company (1&1), to replace them with Cloudflare’s servers. Soon thereafter, my site (thesportsoracle.com) has become unavailable. I can see the site on but it’s no longer available from the outside.
I’m very impressed by the breadth of services offered by Cloudflare but I must say I’m disappointed with the fact that it’s impossible to speak with a customer service rep.
I hope someone can help me!

A 522 error typically happens when Cloudflare requests to the origin (your webserver) get blocked. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.

Thank you. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t give me any particular clue.
I’ve checked back my dashboard with my hosting company. Here’s what it says:
IONOS DNS settings are inactive if you are using a custom name server . You must make the necessary DNS entries at the respective provider or reset the name servers to the IONOS default setting to reactivate your DNS settings here.

Does it mean I should import all my DNS settings to Cloudflare? I’m ready to do it but I don’t know where.

You can give the following a try, but it shouldn’t be the cause of a 522:

OK, I give up. I’ve reverted to 1&1 name servers. Now I get an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR
I wish Cloudflare had a simple set of instructions to onboard new clients. So much trouble could be saved…

99.9% of the time, if your site is up and running with https, it’s a seamless transition. And now it sounds like your site is having SSL problems.

SSL that I’ve also ordered from Cloudflare. My dashboard shows that I have full encryption. Can you please point me to the right resources? I’ve been doing nothing else this afternoon. Cheers.

Your site should have proper SSL independent of Cloudflare. If it doesn’t, you need to have your host assist with this.

Forgive me, I’m obviously out of my league here but my host, MacHosting specifically directed me to Cloudflare for SSL purposes. Cloudflare’s site also make it clear they offer SSL services. Should I have two providers for that?

That’s unfortunate that MacHosting is unwilling to initially secure your site. If you want SSL, you need to have it from the get-go when you set up your site. With that, Cloudflare can extend that secure connection through their proxy servers.

In the case that a host does not have SSL for your site, Cloudflare can make up for that deficiency by providing an origin certificate to install on your server. But your host needs to have a way of installing it on their server. Though it shouldn’t come to that. Any decent host can take advantage of free certs from Let’s Encrypt.

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Thanks a lot, this is very helpful. I’m thinking of moving all my domain names to Cloudflare. In that case, could Cloudflare provide the SSL certificates?

Cloudflare is not a web host, so you’ll still need to find a way to get SSL certificates onto your web server.


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