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I own an e-commerce website which is currently down, the person or company who created it, I believe, used Cloudflare as a host, which now looks like its expired, hence no access. They are not responding to messages, emails, voice messages, phone calls etc so I can’t get the web files off them to get my site back up and running, If Cloudflare were the host would you/they have a copy of the files and be in a position to help me get my site back online asap?

Unless the person used Cloudflare Pages, your files aren’t hosted at Cloudflare they will be at another host with Cloudflare proxying the connection.

Can you provide a link to the site?

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I don’t think I can post links here?
But it would be vibesrecords.co.uk

Cloudflare is still returning for that domain, so likely the issue is with the hosting as the page just hangs and doesn’t load.

Did you register the domain name or was that done by the supplier too?

Your hosting is at Fasthosts assuming the DNS records are correct. The IP address ( is not responding on port 80 or 443.

The domain was also registered by the supplier on my behalf!
So contacting Fasthost would probably be my next avenue to explore?

It is going to be tough, you have access to nothing so if the developer has gone missing there’s not much you can do to even get the site up, let alone take precautions to prevent this happening again or even create a new site under the domain.

I think all you can do is contact Fasthosts and ask them if is still the IP address for your domain and why it’s not accepting connections. It may be the developer has a VPS and it’s not been paid for. Fasthosts may not talk to you though as you aren’t the account holder so you’re just going to have to try and reach the developer somehow.


Yes, this was my worry and what I expected, I will pursue that avenue for now and see where it leads.
I very much appreciate your help, thank you.

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