Lost the email to account

I made a Cloudflare account last month and I cannot log back in. I am trying to get that account back but the email associated I’m guessing I made a typo somehow so the I never received any confirmation. I looked at my emails to find anything related but I think it may have went into the spam folder and is now deleted. What is the best way of getting that account back.

I lost access to my account. I took the steps that were recommended from the support team but when I get to the part where I have to change the nameservers, I don’t see where I can do that.

That is something you need to do at your Registrar. It is not something you can do on the Cloudflare dashboard

What’s the domain?

zenlifetimesystems com


You used Cloudflare Registrar to register the domain about a month ago.

What happened that caused you to lose access to your Cloudflare account?

I am assuming when I made the account I may have accidentally made a typo when typing in my email address. So the email connected to the original account I don’t have access to. I tried to link the domain through the add site link and follow all the steps but I can’t see how to change the nameservers and activate the domain on this new account.

I don’t know the solution to your problem, somebody else might chime in.

You don’t own the domain with your Registrar, the person with the typo email address does.

Understandable, appreciate the input.

Just in case you used a different email or something like that I’d recommend using this tool, entering your domain and checking if you get an email anywhere.


If you don’t receive anything and don’t know what the incorrect email would be then you’d have to open a Registrar ticket through your account dashboard and explain the situation. I’m unsure if they will be able to do anything to help you recover the domain but they are the only people who may be able to.
Visit https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support and choose Cloudflare Registrar.
Please share your ticket number here so that we can track it.


[#2644789] This is my ticket number, I hope I can get this to work. I would rather not have to start this whole thing over

As @domjh suggested, can you please visit:


And type in your domain name. This will send an email reminder to the account you used. If you signed up for a paid product, you will have verified your email along the way - so I don’t think you have mis-typed.


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