Lost the account on Cloudflare

We have lost the account on Cloudflare. Our domain is still with Cloudflare server, however, we don’t have the login details due to we already terminated to work out with previous agent. We now only have the domain name with exabytes. Please assist about this issue.

By far the easiest way to resolve this is to find a way to gain access to the email address on the old account. If this is a corporate email then that would help, if it’s an agency then try reaching out to them.

If you can’t, the only way is to set up your domain from scratch in a new account. You’ll have to rebuild the configurations and everything though as nothing will transfer across. If you can even ask the previous owner for a DNS export that would be useful.

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Hi, thanks for your reply. Wonder can we move our current domain to a new server directly as we really don’t have previous login access.

I think find old account Cloudflare , or create new account Cloudflare and add your domain site

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