Lost sessions

I recently moved my daughters website from my cpanel server to my cyberpanel server. due to update issues I installed the latest version of prestashop (8.1.1) to test compatibility. No problems during install and logging into the acp, however any and every link in the acp kicks me back to the login and the login will not work again until I remove my sid and token from the url and refresh the page. In not familiar with the new stack on the cyberpanel vps as it is using litespeed and no apache and Im not familiar with this version of prestashop. This issue is similar to my integramod site that you guy helped me with that was due to no www cname. Ive checked my dns records here and I dont see any missing records. Is this a server issue or a Cloudflare config issue? the url is sweetdreamsalaska(.)com

i registered on the site as a user and when logged in all front end links work normally so its only the admin area with problems

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Is the “Check the cookie’s IP address” option in your PrestaShop settings enabled or disabled?

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Ive never been past the acp home page. any link logs me out. even refreshing the page logs me out

another strange symptom. I set up the site from Chrome. With Chrome I can log in to the main admin page, but from Edge or firefox I cannot login at all. It gives no error, it just refreshes the login placeholder

You’ll need to do this in the database then.

I haven’t touched Prestashop in a while but I believe the setting is stored in the database table [prefix]_configuration. Look for PS_COOKIE_CHECKIP and change the value from 1 to 0.

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The problem is the proxied a record. I changed it to “DNS only” and the site is functioning normally