Lost registrar email access

Can’t log in to registrar account for godmer(dot)me … Upon registering I used ¨hide my email" function by apple and the email was then deleted by mistake rhvccctqjg(at)privaterelay.appleid(dot)com there is no way to reactivate an apple “hide my email” address once deleted … therefore I have no way to access my domain. The real account email should be cedric.godmer(at)icloud(dot)com as rhvccctqjg(at)privaterelay.appleid(dot)com was forwarded by apple to this email

I’ve had a running tickets for weeks with only an autobot reply… this is really frustrating even though it is my mistake from the get go… things like this shouldn’t be that much of a pain to fix.

I also called the sales line which they were supposed to call me back without any phone call back.

here is a proof that I’m indeed the owner of the email it was registered with

They cannot assist with Support issues, there is no reason to call them

I see multiple tickets, do not open any more, it just slows the reply time for you and everyone else. Keep the conversation in 2696006 or on this forum.

I see the issue, have made some notes on your ticket, and will escalate this post for my colleagues to assist.


thank you… i learned a hard lesson with apple this month

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Will someone somehow contact me once they’re in the case ?! I feel like I’m in a void

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Hello! just want to tell you guys that I am still alive :nerd_face:

Thank you for your patience.

Your issue should now be resolved.


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