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I am writing on behalf of a company - with the website kas-consulting.com At some point, someone who we couldn’t track down created a Cloufflare account for us and has the website records proxied. We don’t know who created the account. I read on cloudflare that when this happens the best thing to do is to create a new cloudflare account and then get the DNS records transferred from the old cloudflare account to the new one.

It seems like I am not even going to be able to talk to support about this. How can i find the website A record?

That’s not possible unless you have access to the original account. You’d have to get the DNS records from the company that’s hosting the site.

I suppose the problem is that they don’t know where the site is hosted and the ip was proxied through cloudflare.

If they paid for hosting, they should be able to track that down.

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Sometimes you can use a tool like securitytrails.com to find out what the IP address was before it was added to Cloudflare. But this does not always work.

I tried using securitytrails.com and so far haven’t had any luck yet. It just seems crazy to me that Cloudflare won’t work with you. I would definitely pay a little for assistance with this! @MoreHelp

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Unfortunately the advice you got already is the best. You should find out where the hosting is and contact them. I don’t think you can get any of the data on the old account unless you can get that account login info.


The flip side of that coin is that Cloudflare will not give out information about a domain using their service to a third party and, unfortunately, you are a third party.

I presume you have tried the forgot email process?


Yes, we did. We used the forgot email and then did a message trace for the whole domain.

Hi @amyk

Sorry for the trouble & +1 to the feedback on this thread. I checked security trails and see IP addresses before cloudflare for PrivateSystems Networks & SoftLayer Technologies Inc. Do either of these sound familiar?


I set the cloudflare DNS servers back to what they were previously, and the site is now back up. Still don’t have access to that account but can at least find the hosting now with the site still being up.

thanks all .

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