Lost our credentials with Cloudflare

Hi All, my question is not technical at all and I am desperate to get some help regarding to our account with Cloudflare. The person who has all the information and credentials of our Cloudflare account has left and I need to retrieve those information. I have tried emailing to Support but they closed my ticket as it does not recognize it so no communication. Also try to call 1300 and just could get through the Sales and all of other options referred me to the website. The Sales person also asked me to go to the website and create a new account and try to move our domain… But it is not as easy and also there is cost involve. All i am asking to able to talk to someone and know what we need to do to have access to our DNS server as we have a major issue with our email. I appreciate if anybody can guide me in the right direction. Many thanks. Mehrnaz

If you don’t have access to that email address you won’t be able to recover the information and the suggestion to create a new account will be as good as it gets.

If that person used a company email address I’d suggest you try resetting the password and access the link from his mail account. If that is not an option you’ll have to set up the domain on a new account.

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Thanks Sandro. I am not familiar with DNS and networking, my expertise is mainly focused on applications, so at the stage of Review your DNS records, there are number of records with our domain name hcc.vic.gov.au and I am not sure if i need to add them or not?

I am afraid you will need to clarify with your developer or administrator what records you will need. If you need them you will certainly need to add them.

Thank you. After create a new account then what I need to do to be able to access to our DNS? Do i need to transfer any domain?

You need to set up your domain like when you added it the first time. As it already is on Cloudflare, when you add the domain Cloudflare will import the currently public Cloudflare IP addresses, which you’ll definitely have to adjust to the actual addresses.

support.cloudflare.com will have the details on that.

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Morning Sandro, as you recommended after I created a new account with our domain and Cloudflare imported 2 IP addresses/nameservers and they all right but, now asking me to complete our name server setup. For this asks me to login to registrar account (which I don’t have ) remove those 2 nameservers and replace them with nameservers that Cloudflare is suggesting me.

Appreciate your time. I can attach a screenshot here but I am not sure if it is appropriate. Many thanks.

Yes, changing nameservers is part of the setup. https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/205195708-Changing-your-domain-nameservers-to-Cloudflare has the details on that.

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Yes, I try to change the nameservers but at step 2, Log into the administrator account for your domain registrar , is that the administrator account for HCC domain within Cloudflare? I don’t have access to this that is why I create a new account.

You need to talk to your domain registrar in that case.

Yes, thank you for your time Sandro.

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