LOST (old) Nameservers

By request of my host, I changed the nameservers to theirs. Biggest mistake I did: I didn’t take any note of my old CLOUDFLARE nameservers.

After I changed to my host’s nameservers, I LOST connection to my true website. It keep redirecting to my OLD website.

Now I am thinking of putting back my old nameservers setting. First, when I logged in to my Cloudflare account (i never log back in since last year), the domain is not listed on my cloudflare.
Then I added the domain again and get (new) nameservers. I put it back but it didn’t change the website.

I can say I now nothing about how Cloudflare works. The question is:
–> Can I get my “old” cloudflare nameservers back?
–> Cloudflare did not move any files from the hosting, right?

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The nameservers are listed in your dashboard under DNS.

No, it did not. It does not even have access to that.

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