Lost my username! What can I do?

Lost and forgot my username! What can I do now?

For Cloudflare? They are using email addresses, not usernames. Is this a second account you are posting under here?

The e-mail address is not working by this form to fill in. Probably they really need the username, witch I forgot.

But thx.

There is no username.

Have you tried https://dash.cloudflare.com/forgot-password? If it does not recognise it it would mean there is no such account.

Hello Sandro

My problem is that I did order and did pay by Postillen at the 17.04.2019.

The transaction by Postbanc in Switzerland to a Spanish account from „ happy Liquids.“

The number of order is: 761 and totally 83.05€ with the taxes.

In your internetpage is written that you will need 3 till 5 days for the DHL— Service to Zürich.

But now, is 9 days gone and I did not get anything from your company.

Where is my packet and when will it arrive?

Pleace help me, I cannot controle because I lost username and they do not accept my e-Mail

address in the form to fill for information about my order and payment.

Greetings Christoph Näf

How is any of that related to Cloudflare? You need to contact whomever sold you whatever you purchased.

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