Lost my old account and now is in conflict with old one

I lost my old account email and password so in my register panel I decided to take back the standard NS, I’ve created a new Cloudflare account I tried to put the NS in my DNS Servers panel but I get every time a failure during the process.
I started seeing strange things happening to my website.
It was the old Cloudflare account creating conflicts.
Can someone of Cloudflare’s Staff delete my old account with these NS “emma.ns.cloudflare.com, piers.ns.cloudflare.com” please ?

Does your new account let you add your domain to it? You can generally ignore the old account by updating the name servers at your registrar.


it lets me do that but the nic.it register isn’t validating the new NS change because they say that the DNS zone is announcing the old NS (emma and piers) while I’m trying to add the new ones that were given with my new CloudFlare account. Also it’s not like I can delete the old zone because I completely lost access to that one.

Maybe @matteo has seen this before.

Also, open a Support Ticket to ask for help. They might ask you a ton of questions to verify your old account.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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Hi @guarriellocristianmi, yep, as @sdayman said you need to contact support and wait for them to switch the NS on Cloudflare’s end. Unfortunately a ton of the national TLDs do the same and there is nothing that can be done.

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I would call in @cscharff and @ryan - the issue here is same as what happened in probably hundreds of other situations on CloudFlare, the zone is announcing the NS that were previously used on another account and nic.it isn’t accepting the new configuration simply because that’s not updated at all, I guess you’d need a reset of the zone.

For the CloudFlare team I just tagged, if you’re reading the post author already opened a ticket with this ID: 1818266

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Probably best @cloonan, good idea on the ticket number, but how did you get that number?

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He’s helping me and he’s a friend.

Ciao @matteo ,

me lo sono fatto inviare da lui hahaha.

By the way for @cloonan or whoever will read the post, I did a little error in my last reply, the author post is the same person that opened the ticket BUT the account he used to make this post doesn’t have the same email as that, if that’s somewhat helpful.

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Oh gotcha, I had the doubt he was one on the team, but wasn’t given elevated privileges :slight_smile:

Ciao a entrambi! :slight_smile:


Nobody answered to this yet?

Wow, it has been a while. @cloonan?

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I think the reply from Rebecca on the 21st makes the most sense if you cannot gain access to the other account.

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