Lost my images or my site speed didn't improve?

I was recommended to sign up for the Cloudflare to help my website speed.

After I signed up, I set up the speed options to turn on to optimize the site speed. After I turned everything on, my page images were gone. My site speeds up but the website was just blank!!!

I tried to turn on and off different options to get the image back. Now some of the speed options still on, but my website speed didn’t improve at all. Some option even made the speed slower.

Please advise what’s going how and how to increase my site speed without losing my website images.

Waiting for a response or advises.



Hi Jessie,

welcome to the Community! You didn’t provide much context, what is the domain? What options have you tried, what have disabled and what is enabled?

Hi Matteo,

Thanks for your response. I wasn’t aware of I need put my domain here. I though your support team should know my domain from my ID.

Anyway, I am also disappointed by the support is only online from search for help article or through this community. I am not able to find any email support or phone support at all. Why is that?

Here is the domain: leveaskincare.com
The speed options I selected as below:
Auto Minify: JavaScrip, CSS, HTML all checked
Polish: Off
Enable Accelerated Mobile Links: on
Brotli: On
Mirage: Off - found when it is on, image lost
Rocket Loader™: Off - found when it is on, image lost
Mobile Redirect: Off

Thank you

Two clarifications first:

  • I am in no way affiliated with Cloudflare, just a user like you. The people affiliated are recognized by the Cloudflare cloud on the profile picture.
  • Not being on the team I can’t see you account, nor the domains connected to it.

I am currently on my phone, so can’t really check that much, but at the moment everything works relatively quick. It fully loads in a bit, but the first meaningful paint is quick. Will take a look better, if no one beats me to that, in the morning as it’s really late here in the EU. The settings seem fine, seeing the comments on them makes me think something strange about file type or some weird issue on conversion. Rocket Loader, if the site is static is not necessary.

Clarifying only the support question: email support exists, emailing support@Cloudflare[.]com, but it will simply create a ticket at support.cloudflare.com (provided you use the email associated to the account), which will be prioritized according to the plan level. Phone support I would assume is only on the Enterprise plan, where you have a dedicated support engineer.

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The site looks pretty good to me, and generally loads quickly.

What I do see are around ~190 requests, and that really begins to add up. Out of those 190 resources, only ~5 come from your domain.

Very little of your site actually comes from your domain, so Cloudflare can’t help with anything that’s not under your domain name. Those are all third party resources.

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Hi Matteo,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I thought you were from the support team.

Thanks for checking my site speed. Actually, the site speed I need to improve is desktop. Not mobile. The mobile speed was fine on google speed insight. But the desktop is the one has slow speed.

I did send an email to support today. Do appreciate your response and help

Hi sdayman,

Thank you for your response. Are you checking from desktop or mobile? The site speed on mobile is fine but the desktop loading is slow.

And sorry that I am not that technical. So I wasn’t sure about the 190 request, and only 5 from my domain. What is that mean? How could be when loading my website, it’s not from my domain? If there are not from my domain, how they effect my site loading speed?

No worries at all, just wanted to clarify first, so no problems would arise.

The site is identical on mobile as is on desktop.

As per the requests it means that there are external requests (which are way more common than you think, not everything must be served from you domain. Only the HTML must come from there). These can be images, scripts and styles…

They affect your speed because your page still needs them to render properly, if they are slow everything becomes slow.

I had time to at it, mind that I am in Italy, but everything seems fast, most of the content comes from cdn.shopify.com but is quick, everything at around 500ms. The thing that fails is the FontAwesome CSS from MaxCDN, the second load is fine because is cached, but first load is absolutely a disaster (we are talking about many seconds), I don’t know if @sdayman can see the same behaviour or it’s just something local to me.

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