Lost my fonts after upgrading to Cloudfare pro

Hi Everyone, hope you can help.
I have just upgraded to cloudflare pro and now all my fonts seemed to have disappeared on my webpage. Everything looks like its using the same font. (https://martinallanson.com). Have I clicked something I shouldn’t? Any help you can give would be great thank you.

I went to your site but looks like it’s down.

Edit: @Zenexer is right. At the time I was on mobile and I clicked the link without looking at text.

Thanks Jesse, I’ve just checked and it seems to be working here. Sorry, there must have been a glitch overnight. Not sure what? I’m still having the same issue with something in cloudflare pro settings that is playing with my layout and fonts. I tried pausing cloudflare and everything went back to ‘normal’ and as soon as its enabled it scrambles up again.

Did you try purging Cloudflare’s cache?

It appears down for @jessehackshaw because the link you provided is invalid. I assume you meant https://martinallanson.com, not https.martinallanson.com.

The font-family values in your CSS aren’t quoted, which is invalid. While some browsers might be able to figure it out, it’s not going to work universally.

Cloudflare minifies CSS to save bandwidth, resulting in faster load times. However, in doing so, it removes extra data from your CSS–portions of it that have no effect. This only works reliably if your CSS is valid, though, and might break things if your CSS is invalid. I suspect that’s what’s happening here. You can test this by putting your site in Development Mode in Cloudflare’s dashboard and hard-refreshing your website; if the fonts come back, that’s probably the issue.

Edit: On closer inspection, it looks like your CSS has been pre-minified by your website, so there may be some sort of incompatibility. You could try disabling CSS minification in Cloudflare. That being said, your fonts seem to be working just fine for me; I see Open Sans.

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Thanks Zenexer, that’s all great. I’ll have a look through all of that.
I am using wp rocket, so I might have some crossover in the minification.

It appears the main problem is coming from the “Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress” option. I have disabled that for now.

Thanks again!

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It sounds like it might be an incompatibility between that setting and Cloudflare’s minification. Such situations are possible, though rare.

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