Lost my domain

I had my domain hosted by GoDaddy which contained my email and web site. Two weeks ago I lost my email ( using MS Oiffice Outlook) , but my web site is still up. After much searching have found that TuCow now has my domain ( they do not respond to hails). GoDaddy states that it was transferred in 2017 ( have no knowledge of that or to who it was transferred to), but they are unable to see who it was transferred to. My email program lists a cable provider that I have not been with since 2017, they have no record of it being transferred to them, and my current cable provider has no record of hosting the domain.
I am at a lost as to how to go about getting my domain back to restore email and to maintain the website.

That’s really rough. But I’m afraid that Cloudflare can not help with domain registrations at other registrars. You’d have to pursue this with GoDaddy and Tucows, and possibly get legal representation if it’s that critical.


TY for imput.

Problem is that tucow fails to respond to any hails.

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