Lost more 40 000 request in few hours today


I have make no change on the website but i have a drop of 40 000/35 000 request in 1 hours.

my server is up and all is working …

any update about network issue ?

Which network issue?

I have drop 500 visitor in same time to 50 visitor … i have checked the server everyhing is fine when i go to the cloudflare status i see

are you sure the incident is resolved, i have lost more 95% of my user in 1 hours and never up again …

I wouldn’t know. I haven’t seen that error on my sites, and it’s not showing up in my paid plan’s Analytics. But the 520 issue started way before your traffic drop.

Support was able to verify the traffic drop and confirm this was not generated by Cloudflare, but forwarded directly from the origin


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