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Hello, I was told that our website was hosted by Cloudflare but cannot seem to login. When I try they say that my account may be inactive. But how is that possible if the website is still active?

If you think Cloudflare is proxying your site (unlikely it is actually hosted by Cloudflare) but you haven’t created an account yourself, you will need to find out who set it up for you.

You can try to gain access to the Cloudflare account containing your domain by going to dash.cloudflare.com and selecting “Forgot your email” which will email the account owner for the domain - hope that is someone you are in contact with.

See here…

If all else fails, you’ll need to take control of the DNS by changing the nameservers at your registrar and pointing them at a new Cloudflare account or another DNS provider.

You can give the domain name if you want to see if there’s more information that can be found.

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