Lost login credentials to CloudFlare Account

So right now, inmotion hosting is using nameservers from Cloudflare.

  1. My current solution to that is to use new name servers from a new account.
  2. Then we would provide Godaddy with the new name servers and point it to Cloudflare
  3. We then add inmotions IP address in cloudflares system to point back to inmotion.

The question is, during this process, will our site ever be down? If I just create a new Cloudflare account and have our host, inmotionhosting point to the new Cloudflare account, there shouldn’t be any problems, correct?

It should work, since the domain is still registered with GoDaddy instead of Cloudflare Registrar. During the domain setup process on the new Cloudflare account, it should detect and recreate the existing DNS entries, all the ones it can find anyway. And you can manually recreate any that it doesn’t find. Do that before switching the domain over to the new nameservers. So basically put step 3 before step 2, and most of it should be automatic. If you do it like that there shouldn’t be any downtime.

And you shouldn’t actually need to change anything on the inmotionhosting side. It should all be transparent to them.


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