Lost GoDaddy Account Details

I am using free Cloudflare.
I have two domains for which I have created SSL’s.
The domains still show http.
The reason is that I have updated the DNS servers.

And here’s the problem. Whois shows the domains as registered with GoDaddy in 2016. Now I do not have any record of the GoDaddy account used to register the domains, so I cannot get into GoDaddy to change the DNS.

Anybody any idea how to resolve this?

Thank you.

You need to contact GoDaddy to regain access to your GoDaddy Account.

Thanks, but unfortunately you cannot contact GoDaddy unless you know your account details - which I do not

While that may be the case, it doesn’t change the fact that only GoDaddy can help you regain access to your GoDaddy Account.

Actually, now that I have looked a lot more closely at Whois I see that the change to the DNS Servers has been made. See. Screenshot_2020-05-06 Whois Lookup TGM Screenshot_2020-05-06 Whois Lookup TGV .
So now i am wondering why this:
http://thailandgolfvillas.com/ and

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