Lost emails

I’m not good with DNS Zone stuff and this may not even be a Cloudflare issue so please forgive my ignorance.

Yesterday the DNS for a site got interrupted. The website was down but the emails were forwarded to Office Outlook. When the DNS was restored the MX records etc weren’t fixed so the end-user did not get their emails.

It’s all fixed now but is there any way of recovering those emails? They are not on the original host server, they are not on the Outlook server. Would they even have been sent via Cloudflare? My thinking is that they probably weren’t but just hoping.


Cloudflare servers don’t handle email. Email will either bounce back to sender, or end up on whatever server the MX record points to (as long as that server is configured to receive email for that address).

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When third party email fail to connect to your server, most servers retry several times at some predefined intervals.
I know this is a day or so old but did any of those emails arrive after the issue was resolved?
Another question, when you say mail was forwarded, how did you achieve this Did you temporarily redirect DNS to some other server?

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Thanks for replying.

I did redirect to another DNS. They are now receiving emails but I don’t think they got the “lost” ones but maybe they didn’t have any emails anyway.

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