Lost emails after nameserver change

I transferred my DNS to Cloudflare at the weekend after watching a tutorial on speeding up your website and its really speeded up my site which I’m really happy about. Essentially I changed the nameserver from my existing provider (Hostek) to Cloudflare in order to move the DNS settings. But my POP3 email on my Outlook no longer works because obviously my POP3 settings are for Hostek and that’s changed as part of the DNS record. So I’ve reversed the nameserver change back to Hostek in the meantime but that means I’ll be back to a snails pace. So I want my DNS with Cloudflare but I don’t know how to get the Cloudflare POP3 emails settings for Outlook or if there’s something else that I can do. Many thanks in advance for your help Kind regards John

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There are no such settings. Cloudflare does not provide mailboxes. Keep your mail server settings pointed to your existing email service and make sure that any email related records are set to :grey: DNS Only. The last part is important because :orange: proxied records will only be able to pass HTTP or HTTPS traffic which will break email protocols, such as SMTP, POP, and IMAP.

The Email Troubleshooting #tutorial provides more detail.

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