Lost email

Hi we have no log in details for our domain. When I click “Forgotten email” the codes do not deliver to us. When I click forgotten password we do not receive any email to reset. How do I access our account?

What is your domain?

Did you have access to it in the past? Or did someone else set up your domain for you and you never had access?

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Thanks someone set it up for us and we never had access

And what is the domain?

I’m asking so I can see whether it was purchased via Cloudflare or only uses Cloudflare nameservers.

Thanks its artforcharitycollective.com

That domain is registered via GoDaddy and also using GoDaddy nameservers.

Why do you believe it is associated to Cloudflare?

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When I search online is says Cloudflare - see below

Who Is Hosting This Website?

The domain may be using Cloudflare services indirectly, but it is definitely not registered directly on Cloudflare, see here:

You’ll have to try to gain access to the domain on GoDaddy.

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Thanks for your help I really appreciate it

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