Lost Email AND Password workaround


I am the newly appointed IT architect of a company which uses Cloudflare as the CDN, DNS etc… provider.

There is no IT procedure in place.
Consultant/Web designer who build the site and other left.

Today I am in a difficult situation where :

  1. I do not have the user/password to login to Cloudflare.
  2. I now realize I do not even know where is the latest version of the site hosted.

I can connect to the domain registrar and could redirect Name Server with no problem if needed

Question :

  1. Any way to know what email is used to log-in on Cloudflare to managed the domain ? I could directly synch with the individual asking to reset the password. If can’t
  2. I have check this procedure : https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/203471284-I-lost-the-email-address-associated-with-my-Cloudflare-account-what-do-I-do-
    I could do “As part of the sign up, new Cloudflare name servers will be provided to you, and when you configure your domain to use these at the registrar level, the domain will automatically transfer into your new account (and be disabled from the previous one).”

But will it really work ? Will I have ALL IP in the new DNS zone from the old one ?

If I change at the registrar level my NS and if for some reason it does not work, I would completely lose my website :

  • The previous Name Zone correctly configured would be disabled/deleted
  • I would not know how to point to the right real IP

Thanks for your help

No, I don’t think so… Support won’t give any details of an account without proof of ownership.

No, because the domain is currently on Cloudflare, the IPs will not transfer across between accounts when the DNS record scan is done.

You could have a look at something like ‘Security Trails’ free search on the domain to see if any previous IP data is listed… Sometimes it shows if Cloudflare was temporarily disabled for some reason.

I can prove whatever support may need, I was simply thinking they could send a mail to me on my corporate email. Cloudflare ows the MX… could be a proof ???

Security tails, points to an old version of the corp website :frowning:

By all means, email [email protected] and see if they can help, but I somehow doubt that they will be able to.

Please let us know the outcome!

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