Lost email access, can't receive token, can't correct our error

Our domain is www.theformtool.com.

We’ve lost access to our emails at TheFormTool.com because I made an error in setting our MX files during an expansion of one of our services. Without the ability to receive emails, we cannot receive the security token and cannot access the account to reset the MX files to their proper values, which should be secure.emailsrvr.com but are now mxa.mailgun.org.

Our DNS records are complex, rebuilding on a new CF account would be a real, high risk chore.

As longstanding CF customers, we can prove up our credentials, but without human assistance there doesn’t appear a way to impress CF’s automated security. Would it work to attempt to set up a new account, populate it with our DNS, create only the email MX files we need, then request a token and with that (and our access email address and password) get access to the DNS of the real account and fix it?

Is there anyway on earth to get actual assistance other that stepping up to an Enterprise account (we’re PRO)? We’d even be willing to do that for a short period, but a year is more than we can do.

Because the email address associated with our account is inaccessible, we set up an emergency workaround at redacted

Support can only work with the account holder, but they cannot make changes on your behalf. Do you know what changes you made and when you made them? Have you reviewed your audit log for that day to see if you can tell what changes you made?

Have you reviewed the Email Troubleshooting #tutorial #Tutorials on this site?

Sadly, in hindsight I made too many changes, but only need to reverse 3 items, 2 MX Files and 1 TXT file. Unfortunately, Support has refused any support that will allow me to do it myself. But, if they’d arrange to allow me, the account holder of record, to access the DNS, I can fix the problem in about five minutes.

And yes, I know which of the changes I made that created the problem, and yes, I have the audit log. In fact, I have a screen shot of the entire DNS table from minutes before I lost access. But that seems to be irrelevant if I can’t get access. Their records will show that all I want to do is revert to status quo ante, the situation right before the changes. Its Catch-22: I can tell them what to do, but they won’t do it. I can do it myself, but they won’t let me.**

None of the tutorials address how to arrange access to DNS if you have no access to the email address that controls the account.


Understood, thank you and sorry for the issues you’re facing. I see your ticket 2519313, can you reply to the response you received and cc the other email you shared with Support?

I have added myself to your ticket and added a link to this post so that I will be notified on replies. I will escalate your post here for my Support colleagues in the Community.

Thanks for your reply and offer.
Unfortunately, I don’t believe I can access that ticket. My understanding is that the Service area, as opposed to the Community, is open only with Account Login, which is exactly what I cannot do. The security system has determined that I need a token in addition to email and password (this may be related to the normal rotation of our IP address by Comcast). So, it really is a Catch-22 situation for which Cloudflare apparently provides no appeal or human intervention; if something goes wrong with the automated system, you’re out of luck. I have no argument with the basic system, security is necessary and good. I have a real issue that there is no Plan B for when things go wrong. Any help you can offer or suggest will be appreciated!

If you are on at least the Foundation plan with Mailgun, I have an idea that might get you back into your Cloudflare account. You can create a route in your Mailgun account for the email of the Cloudflare account and direct it to another mailbox in another domain. That should allow you to receive the code you need to regain access to your Cloudflare account and revert your MX changes.

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Yes, we are working on that very strategy. It’s slowed a bit because we use Mailgun through our account at Rackspace. That apparently makes it a bit more difficult or hard to plan through. So, we’re working both ends of the issue, asking for help from Cloudflare, which would be the easiest and safest solution. And working with Rackspace to be able to receive the token through the mistaken MXFile.


A piece of information that may help: We can send emails from the company accounts, we just cannot receive them.

Will this plan work?
Add CF account, set up minimal DNS for our domain, populate it with just enough to get existing email clients working.
Attempt access to the “old” account. Trigger request for token.
Using token and email and password, access “old” account. Change MX records back to what they were.
Close new account, thereby re-activating “old” account and away we go, or copy all the DNS stuff from the old account to easily populate “new” account.
Is this risky? Is there any hope at all from CF to get in on this and allow us access?

I’m told the previous idea can’t work.

We really need manual intervention from Cloudflare!

The ticket associated with this issue is now solved. Are we correct to assume your issue has indeed been solved? @bob3

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