Lost Domain with DNS and IPS

I had an account with Cloudflare whit I pointed my domain name servers to, I can’t transfer the domain as the name servers and IPS tag are currently pointing to cloudflare, however when I login to Cloudflare using the same email address (confirmed by checking old emails) the domain is not in my dashboard, I have now completely lost this domain

What is the domain name?

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@visibilityonline check your audit log, it appears you removed the site a while ago and I do see you added it back and it’s pending waiting for you to select a plan type. You’ll want to disable DNSSEC at the registrar when you ask them to change nameservers back to cloudflare.

the issue I have is I dont want to select a package I just want to transfer my domain back to my usual hosting provider, it was my web developer that sent it to Cloudflare

Thank you, very helpful details.

No it is not 'lost" in any way, you just deleted it from your cloudflare account.

However, it does not appear the site was ever active in the account you are using here. It was added, deleted and then re-added and is in that pending state at the moment.

It does have cf nameservers, but not the two associated with your account. I suspect it was / is active in the account of your web developer.

That usually means you are logging into a different account. One that does not have the active site.

Check your audit log, you’ll see the add & delete but not a record showing it was ever active. https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/audit-log

The domain is not using Cloudflare Registrar. You need to contact your domain registrar and ask them to change the nameservers to their default and remove the two from Cloudflare.

You may want to take those steps in coordination with your web developer as chances are changing nameservers will also mean you’ll lose DNS records that ensure your site works. The developer can help you to make sure that does not happen as they can see the records in their account.


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