Lost domain and all dns records

I have used Cloudflare as my name server for as long as I can remember. I just had a query from a mail service saying I had no DNS records setup. I do not actually have a root website setup but have a number of subdomains that still work e.g. on-the-beach.patbell.co.uk but I cannot find any dns records. The original registrar nameserver has set back to dns-parking default presumably when drawing a blank for Cloudflare

Would Cloudflare hav deleted my domain?

From the public data I can see, you used Cloudflare for about 1 year, with major.ns.cloudflare.com and mira.ns.cloudflare.com being your name servers from 2020-01-02 to 2021-01-05. Your domain has used dns-parking since then. The dns-parking name servers are operated by Hostinger. You will have to use the Hostinger interface to manage your DNS records.

It looks like you are configured to use Google as your mail provider.

When your name servers changed to Hostingers back in 2021, Cloudflare would have emailed you a few times, and eventually deleted the zone from your account. As nothing was pointing at the Cloudflare nameservers, this deletion was essentially invisible.

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