Lost data while migrating to a new server for site www.dentistrytoday.info

Dear all ,

This is pertaining to www.dentistrytoday.info .
It is hosted on a VPS with Hostgator India where there are three sites ( www.dentistrytoday.info , www.drdarakh.website and www.medicalmarketingtoday.info)
It is hosted on a VPS on www.hostgator.in ( Hostgator India) and is protected by Cloudflare.
Recently Hostgator upgraded its servers and asked us to move the site to their newer servers. They asked us to change the DNS records , A records etc. They said that they have migrated to a newer KVM architecture.
My programmer did the changes for www.dentistrytoday.info and www.medicalmarketingtoday.info

Please note that only www.dentistrytoday.info is protected by Cloudflare.

After the changes the site www.dentistrytoday.info has gone live once again but we have lost almost data of more than one and a half year.

Please let me know what could be the cause and what should be done now.


Veerendra Darakh

Cloudflare does not host or retain website data. You would have to restore any lost data from your site’s backups.

Can somebody please tell me where the A record has to updated on Cloudflare.

For the site www.dentistrytoday.info the registrar is www.net4.com but the site is being protected by Cloudflare.

So can somebody please tell me where the nameservers, glue records etc need to be updated.

At Cloudflare or at net4

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for the same.


Veerendra Darakh

net4 is where you told the world to use “Mark” and “Etta”, the Cloudflare name servers.

Your Cloudflare account DNS section is where you set the A records for your domain.

You’re not likely to use glue records when using Cloudflare because you’re not renaming the Cloudflare name servers.

Post back if you have any more questions.

Many thanks for the reply.

As a non technical person here is what I comprehend .

For www.dentistrytoday.info nameservers have to changed at net4 and A record at Cloudflare

From what I comprehend (as a non technical person , I am a dentist) only the IP address ( i,e the host name ) has to be changed at my domain name registrar end.
Rest everything i.e the A record , nameservers etc have to be changed at Cloudflare. The IP address which my hosting service provider talks about and the host name ( which my domain name registrar talks about ) and the IPv4 as mentioned on Cloudflare are one and the same entities.
Please confirm.
Many thanks in advance for all help.


Veerendra Darakh

My programmer has changed the IP address at Cloudflare . But it is not reflecting at www.intodns.com .
How much time it should take for the new IP address to reflect at www.intodns.com

Does Ip address have to be changed at my domain name registrar also

Please let me know.


Veerendra Darakh

Depends on what TTL value was set. It can take a few minutes, a couple of hours, a day, or two or…

No. It’s enough to add them here.

An IP address change inside Cloudflare’s DNS tab should be instantaneous. But your domain’s public IP address, which is your Cloudflare Edge IP address, won’t change.

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