Lost dashboard and recovery email

Hi, we transferred a domain to a customer’s Cloudflare account, which hosts their DNS, and they made he mistake of tying their account to their domain email. They let their domain name expire, so now they can’t receive email and they can’t reset their Cloudflare account credentials, because their email is down. How can they get Cloudflare to reset their account for them?

Cloudflare cannot make any changes to a customer account. But, with some more details I suspect we can assist to get this fixed.

First, can you share the name of the domain? Next, is cloudflare the registrar? Third, have they been able to renew the domain?

The domain was [staats.com](http://staats.com). Cloudflare was the registrar.

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Whois shows the registrar for that domain to be dynadot, not cloudflare.

With domain expiry, registrars will usually revert nameservers to their default, we detect that change and send a note saying the zone (website, site) moved and in a week we’ll check again and purge the zone if the nameservers no longer point to cloudflare. Right now, the zone is showing as purged.

At the moment, whois shows an expiry date of next year, so I am guessing they were able to renew? If so, next step is to add the site back to their cloudflare account and change the nameservers at the registrar to the two that get assigned to it when they add the domain back.

Yeah, I saw dynadot on whois just after I replied. Cloudflare still had it a few days ago. It had expired in July or so, and I suspect Cloudflare kept it for a couple months, but then let it revert, and Dynadot picked it up and renewed it. They’re trying to auction it off now. Thanks for your help.

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