Lost Cloud Flare Account Login Info *** Need Help***

Good Day. I need serious help. Our site was set up with an individual who is no longer with the company, and we need access to our Cloudflare account. We don’t have the login details. What is the best way to get access to our site can be active with our new design? That is hosted elsewhere. Forgive my ignorance; I am entirely new to this. We might have the individual email address, but he might have used his personal email address. I tried reaching out to them, and no response. I also tried a reset request to all the emails I could think of, but nothing, including the person with the company. I need to get your Cloudflare account back. Please let me know if anyone can help. I would greatly appreciate it.

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I am sorry to learn of your predicament. For obvious security and privacy reasons, Cloudflare will never grant access to an existing account to anyone. If you have exhausted all the options in the Login and account issues support guide, you will have reached the final option: create a new Cloudflare account and rebuild from scratch.

When using Cloudflare for business resources, it is best to require the user of company email accounts. Now that Cloudflare has extended Domain Scoped Roles to all plans, it may be beneficial to keep a secondary Super Administrator account for “break-glass” purposes. As always good account security practices are essential. Make sure all accounts require multifactor authentication and have recovery codes securely stored.


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