Lost backup codes for 2FA

What is the response time for [email protected] to get back to you?

Hi @nonya, response time will vary based on requests at the time, best to get in the queue. There is a tip on best practices around 2fa, it lists the information you’ll need for the support team when this happens, Community Tip - Best Practices For Setting up and Using Two-factor authentication.

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What would be the approximation, best effort? A week? 3 days? At least I can give an indication how long the downtime will be?

Ah, they’ll respond right away with an automated acknowledgement and a human will usually follow-up in 24 hours, please post back with your ticket number and I’ll keep an eye open for it.

Much appreciated, thanks, will do!

Sorry for the delay, my E-Mail infra relies on Cloudflare and I had to temporarily re-route mail. Here is the ticket #1602290

Perfect, I see the automated reply asks for the details the team will need, you can just reply to those via email.

Hey there @cloonan, just wanted to tap you before the holidays before I get left in a limbo till next week. I haven’t heard anything back yet from support and unfortunately the link I provided just redirects me to an Oops 404 page. May I kindly ask, if you can check on the status of my ticket? Did my reply get through correctly?

ah, thank you for the ping, reaching out to team

Any update @cloonan ?

It’s a nationwide holiday in the US tomorrow, so there might be less support staff and longer wait times than usual.

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Yeah, I’ve already indicated that, I was hoping to get something moving before the holiday started.

Support indicated they did the needful on the ticket, @nonya, can you check it out and let us know?

Just got the E-Mail 4 minutes ago, testing now!

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Thanks for your help @cloonan, my main man. Have a great Thanks Giving, if you get day off tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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