Lost Admin Account to Access WordPress Backend

I own the following domain: ELEMENTALSOUNDHEALING.COM

I purchased this domain from FatCow a while ago. They are telling me that they are not the host of this website, and that Cloudflare is the host of this website. I need admin access to the backend of WordPress because we’ve lost the admin account for the backend. I don’t see any billing history for my Cloudflare account, so I’m not sure whether it’s true that the website is being hosted through Cloudflare.

Since FatCow isn’t the host apparently, I can’t get into the database files and find the wp_users table to create another account. And on Cloudflare (since they are the host apparently), I can’t find those database files either.

Please advise, thanks.

Sorry, but Cloudflare does not host WordPress installations. Cloudflare only proxies that website from the existing server.

Are you able to log in to your Cloudflare account to check that domain’s settings?

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Yes, looks like the A record is proxied.

If you type the “A” record IP address into the top of whois.com, it should give you a hint where the site is actually hosted.

FatCow told me that it might be an external server. When looking on whois.com there’s not much information other than:

NetType: Direct Allocation
OrgId: BO

It’s possible, but unfortunately, that isn’t something we can help with. All I can recommend is you look through your bank and credit card statements to see if you can track down who you’re paying for hosting.

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