Lost acct access, how to retrieve?

Hello, we are working with a customer who lost access to their Cloudflare account. The person who maintained the account left the organization about 10 years ago. Is there any means to prove to Cloudflare the account belongs to the organization in question? Support insists they need the email address of the account holder but that is long gone. Thank you for any suggestions.

It’s not an email address at the organization? If you click the “Forgot your email address” link, it will send a message to the email address on record. If it’s an org address, you should see a delivery attempt in the mail server log.

If you have absolutely nothing left from the original login, you’d have to set up a new account.

As long as you know which DNS records you need for that domain, you should be able to get the new account properly configured.

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Thanks for the ideas. We have tried every which way to find an email address in the org tied to Cloudflare but it seems it was set up using an external email account. The Cloudflare account is tied to the DNS records. We’ve exhausted all options we can think of and are at the point where we need to be able to prove to Cloudflare the account does indeed belong to the org.

I’m pretty sure that’s impossible.

Why is the Cloudflare account “tied” to the DNS records? Whatever services you use should be able to provide the proper records to set up the new account.

Cloudflare is the registrar.

As to your “that’s impossible,” we are also rapidly approaching that conclusion but thought it was worth a try.

I meant “Excuse me?”…from ten years ago?

For a registrar issue, please send them email to support AT cloudflare DOT com to see how you can recover your domain. Please post the ticket # here once you get it.


I may have that number wrong, let’s say it’s been several years. We’re working with what we’re given and we know it isn’t much.

We do have a ticket in, or more than one ticket, I’ll check with our team. Since I know they’ll ask, do you work for Cloudflare, are you able to get us closer to Cloudflare’s ear? We’re having difficulties moving forward with their Support because of the lack of access to the original account.

That won’t help… also, a domain using Register can’t be 10 years. No more than 3/4 and it would have charged this person every year.


That’s my error, then. I’m not the one directly working the case, we just had a meeting to gather up any final ideas, any other straws to grasp. Posting here is my contribution to the straw-grasping. I likely misheard the number but for all intents and purposes, the original account owner is long gone.

That’s the other straw we came up with, checking into the billing. Maybe if we pull that thread something useful will unravel.

Keep the oldest ticket, close the others and post the number here. We might try and escalate, but it’s gonna be a hard process to get it back.

Contacting that employee is not possible?


Not possible to contact that employee, unfortunately.

Ticket 2322754

Thank you very much for all your assistance thus far, sdayman and matteo!

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If you post the actual domain name, we might be able to come with some other suggestions.


The domain name is listed in ticket 2322754, will that suffice?

We can’t see it, but support engineers will :slight_smile:


Rather than sharing the domain name publicly, I’ll wait to see if the support engineers check out the ticket and get in touch with us. I appreciate getting this far, though. Any chance at all is progress.


You should have a reply on your ticket.


Thanks matteo, that’s fantastic news! I checked the ticket and see that there is activity as of about an hour ago, but there does not seem to be a reply. The difference I see is a new person added to the CCs, presumably a staff member of Cloudflare. If that’s the update, that’s huge progress. Keeping fingers crossed!

I’m thinking aloud and not making a suggestion, but, I wonder if a uniform domain name dispute resolution process could be used to obtain control of the domain? Or the country specific version if this is a ccTLD.

Likely the current owner as described by WHOIS wouldn’t respond to service or wouldn’t file an answer, and of course the contact information on the site would be the current owner who would consent. But this is not the intended use of the UDRP system, and so it might get kicked before even getting to an arbitration.

Absolutely a last resort, it would be expensive (expect to need a registered trademark, possibly registered copyrights, and a lawyer), and has a good chance of not working anyway, plus it would result in the domain being transferred to another registrar which could result in downtime as you won’t be able to access or save your Cloudflare configuration at all.

Definitely keeping fingers crossed that Cloudflare can help here.