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Hi. I have a website www.cci.com.py. If you see the IP location show this: https://www.ip-tracker.org/locator/ip-lookup.php?ip=cci.com.py
I don’t have that Cloudflare account access, we really want to cancel that account because that prevents the SSL certificate installing.
What can I do?


That domain does not point to Cloudflare, so Cloudflare is not involved at all. The fact that its A record has a Cloudflare address is something you must have configured on your end and which is under your control. You should change that wherever you configure your DNS records.

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It is going through Cloudflare, as shown by ‘curl’ headers.

To stop using Cloudflare for that domain, go to your domain registrar and change the name servers back to what your web host recommends.

EDIT: It’s likely your Host has put the site on Cloudflare, since you’re already using your Host’s name servers. You’ll have to contact their Support people for help to disable Cloudflare for your domain.

Its nameservers do not point to Cloudflare in the first place and it doesnt seem to be a partner setup either. They simply pointed their records to Cloudflare IPs.

They might have a Cloudflare setup and thats why Cloudflare responds to the domain at all, but their nameservers point somewhere else and I’d expect Cloudflare to disable that domain any time because of that.

The site works, and it’s served by Cloudflare. It has some sort of valid Cloudflare setup.

Please re-read my previous response :slight_smile:

You can’t make me. :see_no_evil:

This site looks familiar from another post way back. That’s quite a bit of effort to manually plug in Cloudflare IP addresses instead of doing it the easy way. It’s had those same two IP addresses for nearly a year (as you indicated). I still think it’s legitimately going through Cloudflare.

Thats why the nice please :). I actually edited it and added the last paragraph, my apologies if you responded before I added it.

I havent come across that domain yet, but it really does not seem to be a partner setup (though, we do know nobody really knows how they work :smile:) and the domain does not have any Cloudflare association except for these manually assigned A records.

Considering that Cloudflare does respond I am pretty sure it does go through Cloudflare, but how “legitimately” is another story. I would expect the domain to have a “moved” status and to be gone from Cloudflare soon.

Anyhow, there isnt anything Cloudflare can do in this case. :man_shrugging:


the domain is pointed to our hosting dns, I don’t have any Cloudflare A records in cpanel… I really don’t know what to do

Contact your host in that case.

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Haha they said " contact Cloudflare", thanks

Well, how should Cloudflare be involved? You dont have an account with them, do you? Your nameservers point to your host and apart from this slightly weird DNS setup there is nothing pointing to Cloudflare.

I show the zone as pending in @pampammeza’s account, waiting for name server updates. Is not a partial or partner setup, suspect all may be confused as securitytrails shows the zone as having been on Cloudflare until a month ago, https://securitytrails.com/domain/cci.com.py/history/ns. @pampammeza, the input on this thread is spot-on, you need to contact your host and have them change the name servers to what is assigned in your account.

Edit - and once you have the name server updated, please post back, your DNS records have grey clouds so even after the name server change, you won’t have traffic proxied by Cloudflare. Click grey clouds to turn them orange, that indicates traffic is proxied through Cloudflare.

Hello. @pampammeza is my account. I delete now cci.com.py from it, I am interested in deleting the previous account that is interfering right now. For now is not working cci.com.py

Hi @pampammeza, almost the same suggestion as before, you need to have your registrar change the name servers for cci.com.py. They are:

$ dig ns cci.com.py +short

First, add the zone back to your account, next have your registrar change the name servers to those that are assigned after you add the zone to your account. If you need to remove a zone from a different account, log into that account and click the option on the home screen to remove the zone. (although I don’t see any reason you need to do that)

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