Lost account, no mail no password

Hi everyone,
I am new and I am pleased to be part of this community, unfortunately I am not able to recover my cloudflare account and therefore I wanted to ask you if there is a support email to which to expose my problem.
thanks all for your time

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Hi @user95211,

You probably refused Cloudflare permission to send emails at some point and are now on a suppression list.

You’ll need to email [email protected] from the email address on your account. When you get an auto reply, please post the ticket number here.

hi Domjh,
thanks a lot for your reply ,
i’m sending a mail tu support just now and i’l post the ticket number as soon as possible

hi Domjh here’s the ticket number #2325274
thanks again

Thanks, I’ve escalated that ticket.

Hi Domjh ,
just i want you to know that our network engineer is no longer with us and he didn’t leave us the account credentials for cloudflare. our NS are cody.ns.cloudflare.com and vida.ns.cloudflare.com
thanks a lot for your time

Do you have access to the email address used for the Cloudflare account?

Unfortunately i don? t know which email Has been used .
I? ve supposed it was
But in this cloudflare account i didn?t find any of our ns server.
May be also
{redacted} but i Tried use the password forgotten procedure and didn? t work with that mail address .

Thanks again.

That’s tricky, if you can’t figure out the email then you won’t be able to regain access and will need to set up your domains from scratch in a new account. Make sure you’ve emailed support from the email address on the account you can’t access.

Ho Domjh,
I know it? s difficult .
I? m admin of our mail server , but i don? t santucci ti chance password to {redacted} cause i fear that he make some script with his email account and i don? t want ti broke it.

Does Cloudflare have some procedure ti identify their customer ?

Cloudflare will only work with the owner of the email address on the account so unless you can access that you will be unable to recover the account.

If cooperativaasso.it is your company, I suppose you can watch your mail server logs for anything from Cloudflare.

hi all , thanks for your replies , fortunately we have found who ‘s the dns manager for our domain .
it’s a web admin and i’ wasn’t noticed about him .
thanks all for your time


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