Lost Account Cloudflare

Dear Support

Detail as below

  1. I Sign Up with this Email : [email protected] ( Not received a email for verify )
  2. I can Log in as email above and paid for domain : arkbetaskull.com as below ( Recevied a email for verify)
  3. After using it for a while It prompts for a new login. but can use the same email to log in
  4. I tried to use Forgot your password (Not received any email) and Forgot your email (Not received any email) but It not working a both and I trying again around 30 minutes but not working at all
  5. So I try to Sign up with the same email as above but It can be use !! But all the data disappeared and No retroactive orders or domain registrations left.
  6. What can I do? for recovery of account and domain back, Please advise me thank you.

Best Regards,

Someone has escalated this and I expect Support will take a look after the weekend.

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I am a member of the Cloudflare support. We are showing the emails are being sent out to you. I will follow up with you in your support ticket with more information.

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